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La Sicilienne

About me
I introduce myself: 25 Years old, Sicilian, Graduated in Economics and Living Currently in Uk.
I Speak Sicilian, Italian, English French and Spanish. I am learning on my own Arabic and Turkish even if it taking a bit longer than I expected because I am a "busy-lazy" girl. As you can notice from my blog I love learning languages, Travelling, Cooking and blogging about homeland which I miss so much but not only about it. Enjoy my Sicilian Playlist... :)

Assabbinidica ♥,

Mi Presentu: Aju 25 anni, Sugnu Siciliana, Sturiavu Ecunumia n'ta Università ri Paliemmu e accamuora vivu e travagghiu nu Regnu Unitu. Parru Sicilianu, Italianu, Ingilisi, Francisi, Spagnulu e staju sturiannu pi fatti mia l'Arabu e u Turcu, però ci staju mettiennu assai pi imparari picchi sugnu impignata e n'anticchia lagnusa. Comu po viviri ru me blog, mi piacinu i lingua stranera, viaggiari, cucinari, e pustari cose d'a mia terra ca me manca assai, e un solu, tanti avutre cuose...

Si vuliti putite ascuitari i canzuna siciliane ra me playlist.

“You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” - Czech Proverb. La Sicilienne followers

Ps. I still think of you

I have just realised that you will be one of those person who will remain forever somewhere in a corner of my mind. I thought it was only a matter of time and yet my mind always finds a way to remind you. I have ended everything and today I think it was the best decision that I have taken in my life. It is a bit ironic, as I know that if I would tell you, you would not believe me, but it is true when I say that I loved you,and that I loved you also when I broke up. For you, I was willing to move to foreign country and to learn a new language starting from zero. I wish things worked differently, especially you. Maybe I made you feel too much self confident, or perhaps you took me for granted too early. I do not know if it was a cultural problem or just our attitude. There is something that I love more than love: It is the Respect, and for this reason I have decided to moved on. Surely you still blame me, maybe you already forgot me. It’s a question that does not need an answer, however I still think of you and it is sad because there is nothing I can do to charge it. It’s no more love, it is a bitter feeling on the tip of the tongue. Ps. I still think of you, but that’s it. 

Language Blogs.

Language blogs are definitely my favourite ones on tumblr.

"Chi nasce mappina… non può morire foulard."


Hello Queen, hello England… I am at home!

Commuter Life.

I have spent one day in Palermo, Last night I returned to Uk because of my work but on Friday I will go again to Sicily and will stay longer.

I became a sort of commuter, the airport of Manchester and Trapani are my home now. lol